Bitumen penetration grade 60/90 means the penetration value is in the range 60 to 90 at standard test, The Bitumen mode is dependent on temperature. The temperature-vs-stiffness relationship of bitumen is dependent on the type of crude oil and its refining method. Bitumen penetration grade 60/90 is semi hard penetration grade bitumen used as a paving grade bitumen. This grade of bitumen is mainly used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. Bitumen 60/90 is one of the most used bitumen grades and it’s a basic material for all other bituminous products.


Bitumen BND 60/90 is used to impregnate the macadam road in regions with warm climate, for preparation of hot asphalt and bituminous mixtures in regions with warm climate. Also it can be used for producing some kind of asphalt primer and Waterproofing products. 60/90 Bitumen is applicable for the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and pavements and for road construction and also for making some bitumen emulsion, cutback bitumen and modified bitumen grades as well.

Bitumen 60/90 Specifications

No. Analysis Unit Limit Test Method
1 Density@25 ̊ C Kg/m³ 1010-1060 ASTM D70 or D3289
2 Penetration@25 ̊ C Mm/10 60-90 ASTM D5
3 Softening point ̊ C 46 Min. ASTM D36
4 Ductility@25 ̊ C Cm 100 Min. ASTM D113
5 Loss on heating Wt% 0.2 Max. ASTM D6
6 Drop in penetration after heating % 20 Max. ASTM D5 and D6
7 Flash point ̊ C 232 Min. ASTM D92
8 Solubility in Trichloroethylene Wt% 99.0 Min. ASTM D4
9 Spot test - Negative AASHOT102
10 Viscosity@60 ̊ C P 2000+400 ASTM D2171
11 Viscosity@135 ̊ C CST 300 Min. ASTM D2170


Usage: The main common usage of bitumen 60/90 is being used for road construction and other industrial purposes by hot mix in moderate climate.