Transporting and Shipping

Jey Kimia bitumen Co. has excellent local transporting and shipping services to make facility for customers to dispatch their cargo to the different destinations.

By more than 20 years working with transporting and shipping companies, we are placed in superior position to use more convenient transporting and shipping network to enable our customers to receive lowest handling charge and the best services. Our Bitumen is transported in drums of various dimensions and weight.

Jey Kim Bitumen fulfills the Incoterm 2020. As a brief definition of Incoterms, we can say that incoterms are considered as a set of rules which clarify the responsibilities of both sellers and buyers under the sales contracts. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the incoterms which are now mainly used in commercial trades. Incoterms are valid for shipping, insurance, and taxes on the commodities. As a benefit of the incoterms, we can mention the reduction of the prosecutions and ambiguity among the buyers and sellers.