JEY KIM Services

Jey Kimia Bitumen Company as one of the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of bitumen grads in Iran by more than 20 years’ experience in producing and supplying bitumen in local and abroad markets.

We think globally and we believe in providing appropriate services for our loyal customers.

The company's policy is to supply the product with the highest quality and competitive price to other suppliers.



transporting and shipping

Jey Kimia bitumen Co. has excellent local transporting and shipping services to make facility for customers to dispatch their cargo to the different destinations.

By more than 20 years working with transporting and shipping companies, we are placed in superior position to use more convenient transporting and shipping network to enable our customers to receive lowest handling charge and the best services. Our Bitumen is transported in drums of various dimensions and weight.

Jey Kim Bitumen fulfills the Incoterm 2020. As a brief definition of Incoterms, we can say that incoterms are considered as a set of rules which clarify the responsibilities of both sellers and buyers under the sales contracts. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the incoterms which are now mainly used in commercial trades. Incoterms are valid for shipping, insurance, and taxes on the commodities. As a benefit of the incoterms, we can mention the reduction of the prosecutions and ambiguity among the buyers and sellers.


Bitumen is used as a binder in road construction and in protective coatings and adhesives used in the construction industry. In the most common processes the bitumen is heated to 100-200°C until fluid enough to mix with aggregate. The ‘hot mixed’ materials must themselves be stored, transported and used hot to maintain their workability.

Appropriate packing of Bitumen in different kinds has an exclusivity for customers:

  • Proportional size and dimension
  • Prime Quality of raw material used
  • Caused protection and safety
  • Easy to use, transport and relocate
  • Don't effect on bitumen quality both physically and chemically
  • Quality maintenance during outdoor storage



Some type of packaging for bitumen

Jey Kimia Bitumen company Available Bitumen Packing Types:

1-The new steel drums, in different sizes: 190 kg (Grass Weight) and 180 kg (Net Weight) and can be palletized by shipping requirement.

(A pallet is a flat transport structure, which supports goods in a stable fashion, While most pallets are wooden, pallets can also be made of plastic, metal, paper, and recycled materials. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, Pallets make it easier to move heavy stacks.)

2- Bitumen Jumbo Bag: Large bags with high flexibility are made of polypropylene fiber fabrics and the layer inside is made of nylon It has a high heat tolerance and melts at 160 degrees Celsius. The one-ton bags, which are easy to carry, carry 500 to 2,000 kilograms and weigh up to 3 cubic meters.The Jumbo Bag in the sizes of 300Kg and 1000Kg is the other option of Jey Kim bitumen packing upon customers’ demand and this packaging also can be palletized by shipping requirement.

We can handle the Jumbo bag with pallet and structure.

3- The products also can be delivered in bulk directly to client storage; Bulk Vessels for bitumen vary in size and capacity. Jey Kimia Bitumen Company supplies all grades of Bitumen in Bulk based on all type of terms depending on the customer’s inquiry. The most effective factors of Bulk Bitumen Carrier Rates are Service Charges, Port of Discharge, Season of Loading, Discharge Terminal Fees, Bunker Price in Destination and Vessel Capacity.

Sales in bulk can be by truck or bulk ship. Bulk bitumen cargoes can be supplied in tankers ranging in size between 1,000 and 8,000 metric tons; while most deliveries by tanker will be direct into a tank terminal.

Bulk ship: we can send the tanks on ports or ship by flexi tank to the destination ports as well. Bulk Bitumen is available for road and sea transportation.

All packing services can be presented to customers in the shorter time and competitive cost.

About containers:

20 foot container

-Each container holds of 110 drums in each container.

-Each container can hold of 20 Jumbo Bags (with pallet and structure).

40 foot container

-Each container holds of 115 drums at the bottom and 28 drums at the top.

-Each container holds of 22 Jumbo Bags at the bottom and 8 Jumbo Bags at the top(with pallet and structure).