VG40 bitumen is used in areas in which high pressure comes from heavy traffic loads, such as intersections, near tolls booths, and truck parking lots.

Due to the high viscosity of this bitumen, it is more appropriate for improving resistance to shoving and other problems associated with higher temperatures and heavy traffic loads.

VG 40 OR 40/50?

VG 40 bitumen and penetration grade bitumen 40/50 look exactly the same, their physical properties, viscosity range, and performance is completely different. VG 40 bitumen has been optimized for road construction at higher temperatures. Since the viscose properties of this bitumen are measured at three various temperatures (25, 60, and 135°C), it offers easier handling and maintenance, in comparison to pen grade bitumen 40/50. To differentiate VG 40 bitumen from penetration grade 40/50, it is necessary to check the results of bitumen tests on your purchased bitumen. The test results (VG 40’s absolute viscosity should be 3200 poises and penetration value should be between 40 and 60). We not only control the test results of VG 40 but also measure the properties of bitumen drums before loading. In cooperation with SGS inspectors, we do an extremely careful sampling and testing of VG 40 bitumen and send the results to our clients.

Bitumen VG 40

No. Analysis Limit Test Method
1 Absolute Viscosity @60 ºC, Poises Min. 3200 IS 1206 (Part 2)
2 Kinematic Viscosity @135 ºC, cst Min. 400 IS 1206 (Part 3)
3 Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) ºC Min. 220 IS 1209
4 Solubility in Trichloroethylene, % Min. 99 IS 1206
5 Softening Point (R&B), ºC Min. 47 IS 1205
6 Penetration @25ºC, 0.1mm 100g, 5 Sec. 40-60 IS 1203
Tests on Residue from Thin Film Oven Tests / RTFOT
7 Viscosity Ratio @60ºC Max. 4.0 IS 1206 (Part 2)
8 Ductility @25̊ ºC, Cm, after thin film oven test Min. 25 IS 1208
9 Specific Gravity@27/27 ºC Min 0.99 IS 1202

* Conforms to (IS 73:2006) Specifications.

Usage: Bitumen VG-40 is used in highly stressed areas such as: Intersections, Air ports, truck parking lots, near toll booths and roads with heavy traffic loads in higher temperatures. Because of higher viscosity it also can be used instead of 30/40 bitumen penetration grade.