Drum Manufacturing

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The company's policy is to supply the product with the highest quality and competitive price to other suppliers.

Short Drum Market

This type of new steel drum weighs 150 Kg and costs higher than long drums. As the smaller drums have less capacity, a lower amount of bitumen can be shipped in the same container. The average amount of bitumen that can be exported in short drums is 16 metrics in comparison to long drums which weigh 180 kg and fill 20 metrics.

Long Drum Market

This type of new steel drum is popular in different markets and is used predominantly in many countries.

Quantity of bitumen in long drums is around 180 kg, thus, they are unique for customers who want to ship a full 20 feet container. Since the number of new steel drums in this way reduces, the customers can spend less money and receive more bitumen.

The typical packing for bitumen is steel drums which are making in different sizes based on client demands. Jey Kimia Bitumen Company is benefited of two drum manufacturing lines to produce brand new steel drums in different sizes: 150 kg, 190 kg and 240kg.

Jey kim is also ready to accept drum manufacturing orders for local and exporting customers.

We can also use jumbo for our packaging.

Bitumen Jumbo Bag: Large bags with high flexibility are made of polypropylene fiber fabrics and the layer inside is made of nylon It has a high heat tolerance and melts at 160 degrees Celsius. The one-ton bags, which are easy to carry, carry 500 to 2,000 kilograms and weigh up to 3 cubic meters.The Jumbo Bag in the sizes of 300Kg and 1000Kg is the other option of Jey Kim bitumen packing upon customers’ demand and this packaging also can be palletized by shipping requirement.

We can handle the Jumbo bag with pallet and structure.